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I was tempted to fill this space with Lorem ipsum

Writing about yourself is hard, isn't it?  I'm glad I'm not on Tinder. Fortunately, I'm not here looking for a date (so if that's why you're here, try another site).

I'm a journalist and digital copywriter based in Stockholm, Sweden.  I've had experience both in-house and agency, creating micro-, short- and long-form multi-channel copy for global clients including Aviva, PUMA, Volvo, UEFA and Happy Socks.

Wearing my journalist hat, I've written features for publications such as The Spectator, The Mail on Sunday, WOW247 and Leeds Living.

I am currently the Commercial Editor at The Local, where I am responsible for the delivery of all commercial content including podcasts, articles, videos and everything in between.

I've got an exceptionally useful Master's Degree in Classical Civilisation (so if you ever do want to fill a space with real Latin instead of Lorem ipsum, I'm your girl) and an ever-so-slightly more useful Google Squared Online Digital Marketing qualification.  What that means is I know a bit more than your average digital writer about the role each piece of copy plays in a consumer's digital journey.  

I've also got a fair bit of digital knowhow, so don't be afraid to use acronyms like PDF and POF (just kidding, I'm still not on any dating apps).  

You can contact me on: